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All Natural Bodybuilding??

After 6 years of competing in steroid infested NPC shows (extremely political and biased), I finally found my place with natty bodybuilding.

The first time I entered a bodybuilding competition I was 16. I had no clue what the hell was going on and what to expect. Insulin spike? Carb cycle? Diuretic??? Is this Japanese? Needless to say, the experience was well worth it for the future. Two years later right after high school my father passed away from a heart attack due to an enlarged heart. The man was my best friend and showed me everything I know today about fitness

When I turned 23 I was a pizza delivery boy, with no drive or passion after I dropped out of high school. (Yeah I got my GED?? That pointless piece of paper that should still be a tree?? lol. Experience and people skills over knowledge any day. #selfmade). Long story short some things needed to change. I got a job at 24-hour greed ????hole, and soon after entered my first NPC show in the division physique (which was a more functional/athletic build).

Not having much money, I couldn't afford a coach and plus I wanted to apply what I knew with my anatomy. The first two shows I looked stringy and flat. In both I placed 6th. The next two I learned how to maintain muscle and drop fat. By that time it had been two years since I entered the physique division and the athletes kept getting larger and more jacked every year. The functional athletic look had vanished. It was time for me to step my game up and pursue what the judges are looking for or... say fuck that and find a better option that isn't detrimental to your health.

Hey, your heart's a muscle, right? Have you heard of people ever dying from an enlarged heart? If not, I will attach two links with THE REAL autopsy for Rich Piana and Dallas McCarver. More minor, but how about kidney failure, gallstone formation or liver damage? The problem here runs deep

Steroids aren't frowned down upon, because you can get them prescribed by your doctors. Or more like greedy pharmacists that went to med school with the doctors who are selling you the gear. It's sad to see kids in their 20's taking winny and growth with no education on the long-term effect of juice. Do these kids know once you get on steroids for a longer period of time you stop producing natural testosterone from your thyroid gland? Hey more money for big pharma and greedy doctors then. They just reeled in a patient for life.

Rich Piana

Dallas Mccarver

I help clients achieve their fitness and health goals through motivating and educating them. All this pays off when you realize you're making a positive difference in the lives of others. You could be helping people add years to their lifespan or save them from an operation.

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